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Hi friends of UDetroit! I had a significant and profound life-changing moment recently.  For some reason, although I watch other programs on Sunday night, something told me to watch a particular movie that I had seen previews for all the week prior.  The movie is called "Time to Kill" with Samuel L. Jackson playing a father who stands trial for shooting his 10-year old daughters' rapists/assailants.  Now you all know I study crime and serial killers, but this was too much for me.  I could not avert my eyes from the screen. I am going to post the closing argument of the defense attorney, Matthew McConaughey.  This scene changed the way I think, the way I view others and the way of life as I knew it, and thought I loved it the way I lived it. Please join me in my cause, after being brought up in a very prejudice family, to not see color. Thank you for watching, as the next 8 minutes will amaze you. See my videos for the scene I am referencing: PLEASE.

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Friends, I bring you this news as I have received it today from my publisher, Strategic Publishing.  My website is in development and I will be pre-selling my novel Faith, Hope and Fury soon! The purchase price of this novel is $20.00.  More details to follow.  Thank you for your interest in my art. Laura Antonelli

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This particular scene, although not taken from the biography "Finding Laura"; I have lived.  This scene comes from a place inside of me that I never needed nor wanted to re-visit.  Today I have.  Somehow, I thought after all this time, it wouldn't affect me.  It did.  Enjoy.


             The next six months, she stayed sober.  And no more pills.  She was determined not to be one of those “high society” pill poppers.  Their marriage seemed stronger than ever and Seth had made a point of it to be home with her as much as possible.  His work was beginning to suffer, and their bills and "financed" assets were spinning out of control.  He told himself that it would all work out; that it was a temporary situation.  His wife needed him, and they still longed for a child, but with all their efforts they could not produce offspring.  He began to feel helpless and hopeless and it wasn't long before he snapped. 

             “Listen up Faith.  My baby sitting days are over.  Someone has to pay the fucking bills here!”  he screamed right in her face.

She instinctively reacted by shoving him, knocking him off balance, he fell to the floor.       

“**** you, **** you!!!  I never wanted this fucking life, and I won't be made to feel the blame because you're a **** up at selling houses!”

Taking a step backward, she suddenly was frightened.  She had pushed him too far.  He rose quickly rushing toward her.  His clenched fist hit her face, pummeling her to the ground.  Bending down he yanked her to her feet, only to slap her silly, one, two, three and four times.  She landed on the sofa. 

              “You fucking stupid ****!  You were a whore when I met you and still that's all you're good for, a hole for me to pound!  You don't even turn me on any more!  You're not a woman!  You can't even give me a child!  You're fucking worthless!  And you're not going to take me down with you!  I know you've been drinking again!”

“ I'm telling you *****, not asking you....You're going into a rehab or I'm not only going to leave your dumb *** the way I found you, with nothing or I might end up digging a hole somewhere and dumping your worthless *** into it once and for all!”

He moved toward her again, raising his fist in fury. 

             “ Seth, please, don't hit me.  I'll go.  I...I'll go.”  she whimpered. 

              The harbor was lined with sailboats as the rain bore witness to the steel in his heart.  The sky was a dove grey and darkening to charcoal by the mile.  They rode in silence as Seth steered the jag to its destination;  St. Mercy Hospital.  He had made plans for his disintegrating wife.  The woman he longer recognized.    

Yes, he had cheated and lied about it too.  That was true.  But what did she expect from him with the way she had let their love crumble like the Berlin wall all around them.  She had done nothing to contribute to their union and quite honestly, the beautiful, loving, buxom red head he had fallen so desperately in love with had disappeared.

             Seth pulled up to the rehabilitation entrance of the hospital.  He said “Wait here.”  to his wife.  Walking briskly with purpose toward the rear of the car, he snatched her belongings out of the trunk and slammed it.  Opening her door his mannerisms were cold.  She stepped out in tears and shaking.   

            “I love you Seth.”  she whispered, reaching out to hold him.  He pulled away wickedly. 

             “Come on.  There's no God damn way I want to touch you.  You're here for one reason.  We both know it's you who has made this marriage a living nightmare and you for once, are the one who's going to cater to me.  Now accept your mistakes.  Live with the regrets and get some fucking help.”   

            He walked her into the facility, which to him, was above and beyond what he should do.  After what she had put him through, he owed her nothing.

            “I called earlier about my wife;  Faith Miller?” 

            “Yes Mr. Miller.  Just leave her with me and we will have her sign the necessary documents for in house treatment.” 


            Faith stood there like a statue.  Seth leaned toward her and moved her hair away from her ear.  Maybe he would feel sad now.  Would he tell her that everything would be O.K.,  Tell her that he loved her and would see her through this?

          "Like I said; get some help *****."

           He turned and walked away.




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Friends, in interest of providing only portions of my novel, I will explain that this scene takes place after the proposal and the wedding.  I felt it necessary to include this scene in the excerpts I have been posting here to show the passion and depth of this couple's love prior to the subsequent issues that creep into their relationship with a vengence later in this novel. Thank you for taking an interest in my art, which comes from a place only God and I know.

Walking along the beach as though it was the gateway to heaven, the couple held hands and talked about their dreams for the future.  Their clothes had dried in the warmth of the California sun.  Once in the jag, hair blowing in the wind, they laughed as the first song they had danced to come on the radio.  You Move Me, by Garth Brooks.  Seth clutched her delicate hand as they headed for their hacienda on the bay.  Little did Faith know, Kyle and Dawn, (Dawn and Kyle are Faiths siblings) following special instructions from the groom, had beaten them there.  They had lit dozens of candles throughout the home, sprinkiling lillies and rose petals about.


Seth scooped Faith up into his arms and carried his new bride through the door, setting her upright, her eyes wide.  As she surveyed the room, they filled with tears.  There had to be a hundred white candles with flames dancing in the darkened room.  There were roses as far as the eye could see, and a beautiful white fur rug strewn across the floor.  Seth lay her down, resting his body on top of hers.  He kissed her hungrily, their tongues' searching for each other’s very souls.  He, peeling off her dress, and she was ripping off his shirt, with buttons flying through the balmy night air. 


He ran his fingers from her face down her beautiful silky skin to her wetness tasting his own fingers with her nectar on it like a Popsicle.  Putting his mouth harshly onto her mound, he spread her legs wide with his hands, licking and sucking as she groaned with desire.  His tongue darting in and out of her pussy, he thought how sweet her juices were.  Faith screamed for his cock, clutching it in her hand; his erect member dripping down her fingers.  One final suck and she climaxed, her shouts echoing into the night. He flipped her over onto her hands and knees, entering her from behind, pounding his hardness in and out of her.  Doing her on his knees, he reached around with both hands and pinched her erect nipples on each swollen breast.  Harder and harder he grew with each pump.  Harder and harder he pinched.


Seth exploded half of his juices inside of her and ripping his cock from its pleasure source, he shot a bit off on her butt.  Wildly throwing her over onto her back, he squeezed the head of his throbbing cock and brought it up to her mouth.  Seth jammed his member into her mouth, letting go a huge load of hot cum down the back of her throat. She swallowed every last drop of this man, her husband, wanting to be as close as humanly possible; the only thing she wanted was him inside of her in every possible way.



             He lay atop her and hungrily enveloped her mouth with his.  He kept getting a recurring hard on and he turned her inside out until the wee hours of the morning several more times.  Then with a burning soreness between her legs and a beard burn on her chin, they rolled into each other’s arms and fell into a fully pleasured, deep slumber.




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Note:  Friends, although there are sexually explicit scenes in this novel.  This is not the main focus.  It simply is a crecendo to the plot for my main characters to share a passion, extreme love and a voracious appetite for one another. 


He stepped out of the car and wondered if he should have the valet park it and wait for Faith outside or get a table.  He had made reservations that day and requested a private booth in the back.  He handed the valet the keys, grabbed the bundle of yellow roses he had picked up on his way and walked into the foyer of the restaurant.

He was immediately entranced by the picture he saw.  There she was; my God, she was lovely, petite and graceful.  Her sky blue strapless dress so tight her breasts burst from it. A diamond choker graced her ivory silk neck.  Her flowing red hair down, resting all the way down to her waist and a slit up to her hip showing off sexy long legs and emerald green eyes that could steal your soul.

            He almost couldn't speak.  He approached her and their eyes met.

“Hello Faith, you look incredible.”He reached for her hand and she slid her arm through his.

 “Reservations for two under the name of Miller please.” 

The hostess escorted them to a very private booth in the back as requested.  She quickly said “your waitress will be right with you “and walked away.

Faith looked stunned as she stared across the table at him.  She couldn't believe how sexy he was.  Something stirred inside of her and she felt the slightest wetness drip inside her panties.  Her nipples became aroused and were poking pencil eraser shapes through her satin dress.  Under the table he quickly adjusted his increasingly hard manhood.     


Then he caught a glimpse of her breasts and the hardness of his cock became full when he saw her nipples.  The waitress came over to their silent table and took their drink orders.  Seth motioned to Faith who ordered a vodka martini.  Seth said he would take the same.   

“By the way, thank you for the compliment, you look incredible as well” Faith whispered.

He reached across the table hoping it wasn't too forward to touch her hand.  As he placed his manly hands on her petite fingers, he noted perfectly manicured pink nails.  My Lord, she was beautiful; he wanted her and he knew it wasn't cold in the restaurant, which led him to knowing that he excited her to.  The drinks came and they chatted about work and the crash.

Joking about how they met literally by accident.  After dinner they both ordered a glass of wine and sat talking and holding hands across the table.  He was fondling her thumb with his, almost making her chest heave with excitement and the wetness between her thighs was becoming a hot pool.  She excused herself to the ladies room.  He watched her walk away and the hard on that had disappeared suddenly was back with a throbbing vengeance.  He had to touch her.  He made another adjustment and rose and walked back to the men's room himself.  When she was finished and had touched up her makeup, she exited and there he was.  With no one in sight he drew closer and gently showed her where the wall was as he pressed her back against it.     

            “I know it's not just me.  You want it too, don't you?”  He breathed.

His hand slid up the side of her thigh and in between as it found its way to her panties.  Slipping his fingers into them, he found the pool of wetness and slid a finger inside of her.  His cock was throbbing against her upper thigh as their tongues became entwined.  Never had he met a woman that excited him so very much. 

Writhing against the wall, “Let's get out of here”   Faith murmured into his ear.

The valet couldn't get the car fast enough.  She was right, the accident had done no damage; she was fine with a Capital "F".   He knew it had been equally too long since either had been in bed with another.  He also knew that no one had ever taken him to such heights of ecstasy that quickly.





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The Child in Me.

Most who know me are aware of the fact that I am Detroit conceived and born.  Its spectacular how I now, can be proud of that fact, due to this particular project of Mr. Pastoria's.  Subsequently, my family moved to Algonac, Michigan to a very secluded and rural farm land, that I called home for 9 years.  Those nine years seemed a lifetime to a small child, and I seem to only recall very few good memories in comparison to the bad. 

My father was a wood-pattern maker and carpenter, and the top in his trade.  This is a man who was making 24 dollars per hour in the 70's.  Unfortunately, I still wore my sister’s old clothes as he spent half of that large paycheck per month in the bar.  My father was never home, except on Sundays when he would wake early, open the blinds on the large door-wall in our dining room and exclaim "God! I love it here!”  When? I guess one day a week was good for him.  My older brothers' were stuck mowing 13 acres of lawn with a push mower, and hell, by the time they got done with the back; they had to start doing the front again. 

My father and my older brother provided the thriller/horror movies that I so love today, but in an up close and very personal kind of way.  The fights they had made me scream and cry, begging my Dad to stop hitting him.  My sister would vomit uncontrollably while my Mother washed the blood off of the walls with a shaking hand and my second oldest brother called the police.  These incidents have scarred all of us for life I’m certain, and I’m also more than certain, they will never leave my mind.  I still have nightmares; the most recent was last week.

I was the youngest of four children, in that family of six; I felt basically invisible.  I played alone mostly outside and dreamed of one day moving to California and attending U.C.L.A.  My sister, who was four years older than me, seemed to have many friends and extracurricular activities.  We shared a room, but did not get along very well; we still don’t.  I really didn’t know where I fit in as my two older brothers were even more distant in age to me, one being eight years older and the other six years my senior.

Sexually molested starting at age 7 until 14, I feel that this particular experience screwed me up for life.  This was not just one relative but two.  I began to use that pretty face, personality and sex appeal that everyone had commented on, by age fifteen.  Although I had been drinking since 12 or so, I fell even harder into the alcohol and with the onset of high school, also came the onset of a quarter century of drug addiction and abuse as well. 

Finding Laura.  A selected excerpt from the Biographical novel by Laura Antonelli


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    Seth Miller was a very busy guy.  He lived life on the brink of insanity.  A work-aholic and very successful at what he did.  Although he lived in a home on the bay, he sold real estate in more prominent area; Caseville, which was suburbia at its finest.  He could afford a more expensive home, but was content to stay in the bay area.  It had a small town charm that to him was irreplaceable. 

            He wondered, as he dressed for work, if Faith lived nearby.  If she knew where Valentino's was, she either lived by the bay or close.  He hoped that she still had memory of last night’s conversation.  Her number was on his caller i.d. But calling her after waiting there alone would be humiliating and desperate. 

            As he surveyed the finished project in the mirror, he left with confidence.  If she didn't remember than he would be better off.  Keeping company of any length of time with a heavy drinker was something he didn't have time for.

            He was handsome beyond words.  With his thick, sandy, brown hair and his penetrating ice blue eyes.  Never married and twenty six made him a wonderful catch for any woman.  He just hadn't met the right one. He was a highly educated man who never used his Ohio University degree because Seth Miller was a money maker and went where the money was, real estate sales. And he was good at it, making a six figure salary.  He drove a classic 1970 Chevy Impala for pleasure and a beautiful new Jaguar for business.

            His home was impeccably kept for a bachelor and he was a great cook.  Any woman he met, married or single, fawned over him.  Although he was attractive, he was more so intelligent and was able to tell the gold diggers from the others.  The trouble was, the others weren't what he was looking for;  But Faith, now she was a beauty.  Even lying bloody after the accident, she made him quiver like a school boy in heat.  He had never met a woman who “did it for him” in such a way. He hoped badly that she would show.  He went through his work day methodically.  Once home, he showered and shaved, splashing the incredibly sexy Halston Z-14 all over his athletic body.  He dressed in a black shirt, he unbuttoned two buttons and stepped into black pleated dress pants and tasseled black leather shoes.  He decided to take the Jag and made sure he had cash and credit cards in tow. 

His mother and father had been married for twenty-nine years and he was an only child.  They lived in a high class suburban neighborhood themselves and traveled, basically lead the good life.  His father Dane was a retired design engineer from Cadillac and his mother never had to work, nor did his father want her to.  They went to every one of Seth's baseball games and track meets.  Although his mother Catherine pestered him constantly to marry and give her and Dane grandchildren, his father understood that finding the right woman took time.  They were proud of Seth and he had had a very normal and happy childhood.            

He stepped out of the car and wondered if he should have the valet park it and wait for Faith outside or get a table.  He had made reservations that day and requested a private booth in the back.  He handed the valet the keys, grabbed the bundle of yellow roses he had picked up on his way and walked into the foyer of the restaurant.


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I believe that I find it necessary to share my story, my background with others, in order to serve as an example of climbing to the top and hitting rock bottom; more than once.  Although there were many times that I self-sabotaged my life; I wonder now if I had any control what so ever in that regard.  You see, I have suffered in my past from drug and alcohol addiction, and now am fully aware that it I was consistently and diligently spinning out of control due to a need to self-medicate.

Diagnosed with a personality and mood disorder at the age of 14, I realized that I now was what society deemed "a freak".  To me, at that young age, this gave me every reason to act selfish, egocentric and like a baisic fool I suppose.  I began to run with the bands in Detroit from the start of my high school years in 1980.  Not mentioning any names, I feel that I was seeking a life of fantasy, and my relationships with these bands and usually not more than one particular member at a time...was fulfilling that need.

Later, I learned through my studies pursuant to my Doctorate degree in Behavioral/Criminal Psychology, that most young women who suffer from a personality/mood disorder, do so pertaining to child hood trauma.  This is also most times the cause for their sexual promiscuity as well.  The childhood traumatic issues that I suffered, were so blocked in my mind, it took me 20 years to face the realization that my turmultuous behavior was not my fault.  I had been sexually abused by a family member, and constantly leered at by older men since the tender age of 7.  I also grew up in a very violent household, where my eldest brother and my father carried on like something out of a James Dean movie, but in their case, I would entitle it: Rebels Without a Clue.  They were without a clue as to what their violent behavior and scenes would later due to myself, my sister, my mother and my 2nd oldest brother.  We all now suffer from some sort of psychological issue.  It seems though that when my father passed away 3 years ago, that a part of my soul was free.

Perhaps, I would have rather he died then cheat on my mother after 25 years of marriage and cause my world to explode.  Growing up in back woods Algonac, Michigan....not use to the crazed world of the city, but the move to that environment unknowingly at that time, would be my Gotham City.  A strange and unfamiliar existence, and although you may not be aware, but those who suffer from my particular psychosis, will undoubtedly fall into every single black hole and form of chaos that type of life has to offer.  Sometimes now; I actually believe I sought it out if it was taking too long to find me.

I feel the time has come to share my story.  I am not afraid.  For years I was....afraid of anything...everything...even myself.  Now, I am fearless and on a quest to share with others how I found "healing".  Living with this psychological disorder is like having a monster within yourself, and every day never knowing if or when he will rear his ugly face!  I have been graced by the blessings of God to find my own peace and order, still living with this illness...but using it for its greater good that I never knew it possessed, rather than fearing it.

Laura Knight Antonelli.  Excerpt from the personal biographical writings of the novel entitled: "Finding Laura".




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Barely remembering that it was she who was in the driver’s seat, she searched her purse for her lipstick.  Flipping the rearview mirror away from its purpose, she turned her concentration to the mauve color that now graced her mouth.  Without warning, she was slammed into the steering wheel and all went black.

The car in front of her was still spinning uncontrollably.  When it came to its final resting place, he shook his head in fear and disbelief.  Pulling himself back into reality, he surveyed himself in his mind from head to toe.  I seem to be all there, he thought. Knowing that he could not open the driver’s door, he slid across the bench seat of his Chevy and still shaking, flung the door wide.  As he stood in the road with others gawking in shock, he felt sheer terror at the site of the person slumped over the steering wheel of the car attached to his.  Without thought, he ran over to her and ripped the woman from her car and laid her on her back on the cold concrete. 

Eyes wide he looked at her innocent face.  She couldn't be more than twenty.  Beautiful ivory skin surrounded by thick red curls that seemed to be set ablaze by the morning sun.  Though only seconds passed, it seemed eternities before she fluttered her lashes and opened emerald eyes that were glazed over with shock.  Magenta streams of blood dripping through her cascading locks.  Seth reached his hand down and touched her face. 

            “Are you OK?”, he managed to spit out.

Bending down on one knee, he reached into his jacket and revealed a white handkerchief.  He began to blot the blood from her pale, satin forehead.

             “I, I think so....” she muttered.

Laura Knight Antonelli/Copy Written 2007.

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Strategic Release:  Faith has an extreme affection for her savior Seth and they develop the love of a lifetime.  What Seth doesn’t know is that inside this woman lurks a dark side, a personality that she herself fears.  Faith takes us on twists and turns in this erotic thriller that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat.







My thanks to God,

For granting me peace and

To my daughter Kelli Rae for showing me

What love really is.




Preview #1: 


“There’s not much left here but heartache,” she thought out loud as she packed the last of her things in the only remaining box. The tears continued to flow, along with a runny nose. 

Tissue, now blow...she heard her mother’s voice.  She wondered how it ever ended up this way.  She ached inside, in her heart.  There was nothing left.  After everything and all that they had been through.  It ended here.  The farther she could get from her memories, lovely and wicked, the better she would be.  Who was she kidding?  They would surely follow and haunt her for the rest of her life.  She could not run that far, that fast.  It all seemed a haze.  Even looking at it dead on, with no doubt, the reality was out of her minds grasp.  Not now, maybe not ever, would she be able to hold what was the truth.   

She agonized over this move and wondered how she would muster the strength to start over.  Her brother Kyle had been her rock since the funeral and she felt so lucky to still have at least that much.  Although, she couldn't remember a time when she and her brother had ever fought.  Not even so much as a harsh word had ever been spoken.

It began with pain, as she recalled.  She and Seth had met by accident, literally.  Faith hardly noticed Kyle's departure, except for the touch of his lips on her cheek.   She was lost in her thoughts, drifting back in time.  Surrounded by boxes, in the shadows of sunset, Faith remembered that frantic day.  She was rushing to her car while hopping on one leg to adjust the strap on the back of her high heels.  She jammed the keys into the ignition and hit the gas. 












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Hellooooo Deeee troit! A bit o' background here on myself and how this novel came about.  In 2005, I awoke with a pain in my hip and thought I could get up and just "walk it off".  What I didn't know at that time, is that this night would be the start of 6 years of  my own personal hell.  When I went to get out of that bed, I hit the floor and could not feel anything from my waist down.  I was paralyzed.  My daughter Kelli Rae was `13 at the time and as I lay there, I began to try to calm her down by my remaining calm.  I told her to call 911 and pack specific things in a bag because I was fully aware of the fact that I was NOT coming home that night. 

After 5 surgeries in 6 years, and more metal in my spine than the Terminator; I can walk.  After the first surgery where Dr. Gerald Schell of Saginaw placed 2 15 inch rods in my back, bolted in with 3 1/2 inch screws; I realized pain that I had never felt before.  I could not walk and lay on that couch in pain for a good 6 months.  I remember the day I began Faith, Hope and Fury like it was just an hour ago.  My emotional and mental state had decomposed just like my spine, and I felt as though my life would never be the same again.  I broke down that day, and literally begged God to help me, and for Jesus to take MY wheel, because I could not do it anymore.  I was a complete wreck spiritually, mentally and physically. 

Soon, I was slowly walking over to my desk top computer and sitting for 10 minutes the first few days, and then for longer periods each day following.  Words began to spill from my mind, heart and soul.  The book originally started in the Romance category, but turned very sinister.  Faith, Hope and Fury is an erotic thriller trilogy now and I just signed with Strategic Publishing.  This has been 6 years in the making and I now see God's plan.  I will never question my faith or his intentions again. 

Throughout my time here on UDetroit, I will share portions of my art, my novel, with all of you.  I feel so very blessed to have my legs and the opportunity to share my art.  I now KNOW that without God, none of this would be possible.  Thank you and enjoy my future posts containing visually stimulating portions of my novel: Faith, Hope and Fury.


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Throughout time, Psychological disorders have presided.  Upon further exploration through scientific study, a better understanding of each type and sub type has been obtained.  Schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and delusional disorder are three types of Psychotic Disorders. 

            The term Psychotic, according to Merriam Webster on line Dictionary, is as follows:

“Of, relating to, marked by, or affected with psychosis <a psychotic patient> <psychotic behavior” (MW, 2010).  When referencing the particular disorder of Schizophrenia, a completely other form of Psychosis appears to be defined in its emergence.


Symptoms of Schizophrenia

            For one to choose to study this particular psychological disorder, many avenues of study may arise however; the following are the main symptoms that may arise in the behavior or mind of a person suffering with this disorder.

1.      Social withdrawal

2.      Depersonalization (intense anxiety and a feeling of being unreal)

3.      Loss of appetite

4.      Loss of hygiene

5.      Delusions

6.      Hallucinations (hearing or seeing things that aren't there)

7.      The sense of being controlled by outside forces

(WebMD, 2010)



Diagnosis of a Tormentor

            A doctor will examine a patient in attempt to diagnose this illness, first physically and also, take a patient history.  Imperative is to learn that the patient has no medical or physical problems.  When a schizophrenic diagnosis is suspect, the next steps in diagnosis are “Laboratory and other tests, sometimes including a computerized tomography (CT) scan of the brain.” (WebMD, 2010).            Thankfully, in accordance with evolution in the study of psychological disorders, the CT scan mentioned above, is accurate at discerning the “normal” brain appearance from that of the Schizophrenic brain appearance. 

They tend to associate the name of this particular disorder with psychotic, insanity and murder.  As earlier described, Schizophrenics have never been known to have violent or murderous tendencies.  People seem to fear what they may not understand, thus myths and stigmas develop over time and through rumor.  The Schizophrenic has enough to deal with, without this causing further distress. 

            Thankfully support programs for both the patient and his or her family exist prominently in our modern day society.  A better understanding has been achieved through study which is decreasing the social stigmas, myths and stereotypes associated with this disorder.  The only way to relieve ones’ fears is through educating him or herself on the particular cause of the fear. 

            Evolution continues to better the ability to diagnose, maintain and accept this psychological disorder.  No longer should the Schizophrenic be left in mental and emotional torment, with complete lack of understanding of their own seemingly maniacal mind.  The monster within can be diminished to an acceptable and livable level of existence with appropriate diagnosis, treatment and medications. 





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Imperative to understand when speaking, thinking or writing about an American tragedy….is just that; the casualties included are that of human beings.  Making that prior statement applicable to one such tragedy, were 2 women and 5 men.  They were not just astronauts for the N.A.S.A. Space Program; each was somebody’s mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter.


Today marks the 25th anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger’s 9 mile climb and explosion above the Atlantic Ocean.  This particular accident and mission stands out as one of the most visible to unfold on live television.


I recall that fateful day as if it were etched in my memory, or yesterday.  Standing in the living room; I watched, my eyes fixated and focused on the television.  The observers at the Kennedy Space Center were cheering, and I remember wishing I were there.  Just as quickly, I became glad I wasn’t. 


Caused by a simple error in communication, where those at a lower level thought there may be a problem, but never conveyed this to those at a higher level, letting it go unnoticed until it was far too late.  On Jan. 28, 1986 -- 25 years ago today-- the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in air at 11:39 a.m., only 73 seconds after liftoff.  We shall always remember.