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Category: Production update

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been absent. But this has TRULY been an overwhelming year ALREADY!!!

Production for the video podcast series is well underway. However, I'll not be making them viewable until I have a substantial amount to distribute. Hopefully then Brian, Mark & Bob will be interested enough to put them wherever they see fit.

I have been having a few computer issues that have greatly slowed the post production. BUT, that will all be rectified soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Also, as I mentioned before, there will be some fund raising going on VERY soon to benefit childhood obesity. There will be a tour bus involved that will make stops in several cities around the country. We're currently trying to make Detroit one of those cities. If you want to try to help make that happen, get back with me or Charlene Oesterling (she's on my friends list here). We figured that since music and dancing are synonymous, why not try to get some musicians on board? Maybe put some tunes on a fund raising cd project or a live show in Detroit in conjunction with the Zike company and the tour bus.

Whadaya say?

Brian, Mark and Bob, hope you read this.

Either myself or Charlene will be happy to provide more precise details.

Stay tuned!

Also, for anyone in or around the Flint area, we're shooting video tonight for Spiral Crush at The Machine Shop.

Hope to see you there or hear from you all soon.


Be well and groovy.



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Category: Production update

So, this year has been AMAZING already. I'm current with my New Year's resolution still. Which is to work out 6 times a week and write a haiku every day. True story, I've written a haiku for every day of 2011 so far.

After almost making the wrong choice, my current project is ALREADY MUCH bigger than I could have imagined. Not only is my month almost COMPLETELY booked for shooting my new series, I've made connections I never would have even dreamed!

Monday I'm shooting a segment about homeopathic healing. Tuesday I FINALLY get to meet the guys at Harmonie Park and shoot a segment with a Detroit LEGEND (Thanks Andy! You TOTALLY rock socks!). Wednesday I hope to follow up on my Zike connection in regards to charity events and a possible fitness tour.  Thursday I'm shooting another segment with another comedian/writer for the series. And so on and so forth.

I'm actually overwhelmed with all the possibilities I have right now. The universe is truly opening up for me. There are still a few negative forces at work, but I shall overcome!

My quest to stomp out childhood obesity is beginning to take shape. I'm also looking into holding a fund raising bicycle ride from Bangor, Michigan to Bangor Maine. Hopefully sometime this summer. That'll be a ride to raise funds for special needs kids and their schools. Mostly for the schools.

Also, if any of you have any ideas for segments for the series, feel free to drop me a line whenever you can.

I hope y'all are having as awesome a year as I am.



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Category: Health/Fitness

 Ok, so I'm a bit of a closet health/fitness freak. I'm not good at it, hence my portly midsection. However, I do work out 6 times a week and eat well. Over the years I've been unable to shake my table muscle. But It's slowly going the way of the carrier pigeon. That makes me happy.

Anyway, as you know, I'm a video producer/motion graphics artist. I haven't made a lot of money due to my conscience. I always want to use my talents/powers for good. So I've done a lot of local charity videos for groups like the YMCA, Heroes for Kids, etc. I greatly enjoy that and it helps me sleep well.

I was recently reconnected with a friend from back in my early 20s. Turns out she's a fitness guru these days. Check out her web page: She's launching a FIERCE battle against childhood obesity.

Also, check out and keep an eye open for future developments.

This is the freshest and newest (and hopefully most contagious) development in fitness today.

So, since she's a good red-blooded American she's having her product produced in the U.S. Her product can be seen on her web site. (P.S., her name's Charlene Oesterling). It should also be said, parallel to being American, she's a die hard Michigan girl. So, to assist her with her cause, she's hoping to put a CD together and probably a DVD as well (that's where I come in...hopefully) featuring ALL MICHIGAN MUSICIANS that can get on board with her cause to help reduce or stomp out childhood obesity.

So here's where you come in, if you know ANY Michigan musicians, or if YOU are a Michigan musician, hit her up. You can email her via her web site or you can find her on Facebook. I'm trying to get her to sign up for this site. 

My additional thoughts and hopeful contributions? A healthy living video podcast. Content? Michigan musician interviews with their thoughts on fitness and healthy living. With easy recipes for living and leading a healthy, energetic life. 
For example, she's a HUGE Eminem fan and he's been a positive influence in her life. Since Em's lifestyle requires a LOT of energy, I'd have the two of them sit down, talk health and fitness, and their thoughts on childhood obesity. 

Your thoughts?

There's your challenge Detroit! Want to help out? Ready...set....GO!

Thanks for reading....that is all. 

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Category: Local Music

 Ok, so I admit, this is actually the VERY FIRST blog I've ever written. So, bear with and criticize away.

Although my musical tastes vary far and wide (even wider than Larry Craig's stance in a public restroom), today I find myself listening to one of my favorite genres: Ambient.

In my opinion, nobody does it better than Detroit's own Paxahau radio on iTunes. The music is nearly 100% spot-on with matching my mood on any given day.

Today I'm reading a novel by Nick Hornby in the solarium in the back of my house, overlooking the frozen, powdery tundra and Mid-Michigan has become overnight. I LOVE snow. I LOVE the winter. And even more than that, I LOVE Michigan in the winter. Especially Detroit. Urban landscape with a blanket of untouched snow at sunrise is one of my favorite visions. And today, Paxahau is bringing EVERY winter vision I've ever had of Detroit to mind.

Paxahau continues the genre that Detroit started in the late 70s-early 80s: Electronic.

I admit, not much substance to this entry today. Just letting you know that today, I'm chill. And Paxahau is my mood enhancer. (I'm not very pharmaceutically-inclined, so unfortunately I'm not able to insert the proper name of a mood-enhancing drug...better luck next time...)