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This is so cool... Jack Ashton sent me these photos and gave me a lot of behind the scenes info of Detroit Rocks radio station WWWW FM... W4 was my personal favorite of all the Detroit Radio Stations of the 70's..
Here is a bit of history of W4 FM... 
Steve Kostan on 
Steve Kostan was a DJ at W4 and just recently he was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame for broadcasting. Steve has been a fixture in Detroit radio forever and has been one of my personal favorites from the beginning.. 
Kimmer and Steve Kostan at UDetroit Cafe opening 

We are very happy for Steve... Kostan and Detroit Rock will be tied together in the history books... 

W4 staff and DJ's 

What a great shot that captures the Detroit Rock back in the early 70's. Not sure who the guy on the far left is but we have a very young Mark McKuen from the CBS Early Show. Then we have Lynn Woodison, Steve Kostan, Doug Podell and not sure who the guy sitting on the floor is just yet.. I'll ask Steve and Doug they'll know. 


Some of the staff from WWWW FM are from left to right... Jim Jefferson MD Jim McKean Karen Savelly Michael Benner and Jerry Lubin who I met at Flintstock last summer with the Madhatter... 


The Hello People ABC Records Party from left to right....Michael Benner, Jim Jefferson, PD Paul Sullivan, Dick Williams Regional Rep for ABC records, Steve Resnick National Promotion/LA ABC Records Jack Ashton Local (Detroit) Promotion/ABC records, other three guys are from the band Hello People.. Promotion party on a lake near Birmingham, Michigan 

The Hello People Band were famous for recording Todd Rundgren's song "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference". Todd also produced the HP band. They wore stage makeup long before KISS. 

L-R: N.D. Smart, Larry Tassi, Bobby Sedita, Greg Geddes 


Steve Kostan today... 

Steve Kostan with James Brown! 

Steve Kostan and my friend Jack Ashton 

Howard Stern 

Howard Stern was on the air in Hartford Connecticut then came to WWWW in Detroit. I actually met him back in the day and I was surprised at how nice he was and not at all pushy like his on air personality. He was not a happy camper in Detroit and then left for Washington DC and then on to NYC. 





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